Month: October 2022

  • And my point is…

    So what if metal is sort of like fabric? I grew up around sewing and textile crafts. As a girl of that era, I was taught handcrafts like sewing, knitting, crochet, and embroidery. I still have really awful examples of my childhood projects. Somewhere… in a box… Some 20 years later, I worked in a […]

  • Metal vs. Fabric

    With all the similarities, metal and fabric do have their differences. A contrasting look at metal and cloth following up from last week. If you missed last week’s news letter, you can read my blog post about how metal and cloth are similar. I warned told you that this week I would be writing about how metal and […]

  • Starting the Deep-dive into Metal Shaping

    One of the first things I enjoyed about working with sheet metal is that I could apply the skills I already had in working with cloth fabric. How sheet metal is like fabric It’s flat. And it gets made into things that are not flat. Sheets of steel get shaped into (used to get shaped […]

  • Just-In-Time Learning

    How to create an online art business when you graduated high school before the Internet was in your pocket. I grew up in the Just-in-case learning style — you spent kindergarten through high school trying to learn everything you might need to know for the rest of your life. But I didn’t learn how to […]