Project Planning

I should never Google that phrase.

In many of the articles I’ve read (today’s search gave me 1,550,000,000 results) about project management, the first step is to describe the project. Well, the first-first step is to come up with the idea but then it’s a matter of describing what the project is.

The plan is to cut scaled-down, historical garment pattern pieces out of thin-gauge metal and sew it together using wire. These are sculptures or models, not wearable art.

How hard could it be, right?

If I’m honest, it’s pretty intimidating. Creating innovative projects with expensive materials is always hard for me.

I priced 16-ga metal yesterday and it was $171 for a 4’ by 8’ piece of metal.

It’s the equivalent of $60-plus per yard of 48” wide fabric. If I did my math correctly…

So I think careful planning will help me move past my fear of wasting a lot of material (money) and time. Yes, some failure will be the learning process but it’s helpful to keep the failures small.

Next week: What will it look like when I’m done?